The Ultimate Guide to Getting A Promotion

Everyone in the workplace eventually aspires to reach the next level. Getting promoted and taking on the new responsibilities of that role is what we yearn for. Who doesn’t want to show off their skills and advance their career, right? That being said, actually getting promoted seems a bit daunting. Don’t worry, your experts at JōbSource have put together the ultimate guide on securing your next promotion. Read on!

First Step to a Promotion: Set Goals

Goals are crucial for success in any job. They keep you on track, motivated, and moving forward. When these goals are communicated to your supervisors, they show that you have initiative. By tying your success with the company’s success, every win you have is a win for management as well. Same vice-versa. Setting and meeting goals is a clear way to show your improvement and put you in the right position to negotiate for a promotion. Better yet, your success might even get you the promotion without you having to ask!

Team Work

Everyone’s heard the saying “teamwork makes the dream work”. While we know how that applies to get the job done, it also applies for promotions. Being seen as a team player not only help you complete the projects assigned to you and your team, but also demonstrates the ever-important ability to bring together the skills of a group of people. In a team, you can quickly establish yourself as a leader. Doing so shows your potential as a manager, thus securing the position may come naturally.

Never Stop Learning

No one who has stayed the same has ever succeeded. Learning and adapting is what life is all about. Stay curious, seek out knowledge, and constantly look for new ways to improve yourself. Not only will you gain valuable information for your own life and career, but also demonstrate that you’re the type of person that can handle having more responsibilities. Promotions are tough because you’re having a whole new set of expectations placed on you as well as more trust from the company. Being able to learn is key in not only getting the promotion but also in keeping it.

Track Your Success

A big reason why people never get promoted is that they sit around and wait for everyone to notice how great they’re doing. People are busy, especially managers. While they will recognize some of your achievements, there’s no way they’ll see everything you’re doing. By documenting your success and the goals you’re achieving, you have tangible evidence to support a promotion. Always have proof to demonstrate your victories. Additionally, all this documentation gets to show off your organization skills.

Network for that Promotion

No department or job exists in a bubble. To do your job right, you’re going to have to work with lots of other people. While you’re working with them, establish those connections. Whether they’re already in management or on your same level, you never know who is going to be instrumental in your growth at the company. Creating and keeping connections makes your presence known company-wide and builds trusted contacts that can advocate for you when the time comes. Next time you’re in a meeting or on a job, get to know the people you’re working with. I guarantee that the connections you make will help you on your career path for the rest of your life.

Engage, Engage, Engage

When your schedule becomes routine, it’s easy to mentally check out. Lots of employees do it and they usually get all of their work done regardless. However, anyone checking out at work isn’t really advancing or growing. Those people don’t get promoted. The ones who do are the ones who are genuinely interested in the company they work for and what they do. They show up to important meetings, ask questions, and are always looking to help. Engaging with your job keeps you focused on your goals and focused on any promotions that come your way.

Speak Up!

This is the most important advice on this list. No one has your best interests in mind like you. Likewise, no one knows how much hard work you’re really putting in. All the late nights, extra work, and determination is something you experience every day. That’s why it needs to be you who speaks up for yourself and goes after promotions. If you see something you want, work for it and go get it. Let your managers know that you want to advance in your career and do everything required to make promoting you a no-brainer. Put together data, keep a record of your progress, and get feedback. This makes you an active participant in your career journey.


To achieve our dreams and our goals, we have to keep moving forward in our careers. Receiving promotions and securing advancement is a natural part of that. Work hard and prove your worth every day. When the opportunity presents itself, be there to grab it. If you’re ready to make the next step in your career, choose JōbSource to pair you with the country’s top businesses. Check out all of our job postings here online or visit one of our branches. For more career advice, read the rest of the articles here on our blog.