Why You Should Use Your Vacation Days

Hard work is an intrinsic American value. Working hard is a great trait to have and has gotten many of us the success we’ve dreamed of. That being said, from time to time, we all need a break. Our vacation days are here for a reason. We need time to step away from our work and see the world around us. Surprisingly, most workers forgo their vacation days. It’s time to change that. Here’s every reason why you should be taking your vacation days!

Why People Don’t Use Their Vacation Days

There are many reasons why we don’t always take our vacation days off. Whether it’s because we feel too busy at work or that it’ll be looked down on to take time off, we rarely choose to prioritize our breaks. This mentality creates more stress in the workplace, mental exhaustion, and burnout in your goals. The more these mentalities take hold, we often incorrectly decide the solution is by working harder. Additionally, people often tie their idea of advancing in a company with the time they’re putting in. Because of this, companies can create a culture of skipping vacation time or “workcations”. Putting off vacation to some later date is a trap that is easy to fall into. So, you’re probably wondering why you should use your days off, well let’s get started.

Using Vacation Time is The Healthy Choice

Imagine laying out of a warm beach, crystal clear water ahead of you and a fancy drink with an umbrella in it. Sounds good right? There’s a reason why. Your brain needs rest. Staying engaged in work and office life day in and day out never gives your brain the time it needs to heal. That relaxing scenario we laid out isn’t just a day-dream, it’s a necessity.

By reducing your stress on vacation, you’re not only giving your mind a break, but you’re also doing the same for your body. Studies have shown, vacations lower blood pressure and heart rate, reduce muscle tension, and alleviate chronic headaches.

Breaks Make You A Better Employee

Like we mentioned earlier, when we’re overwhelmed at work, we often think the antidote is by working harder. This leads to burnouts and making mistakes. Have you ever written something, took a break, and came back to it later and see all the mistakes you made on it? Stepping away from your work will allow you to come back to it refreshed and with a clear mind. Vacation does this on a bigger scale. Decompressing puts the stress of work into perspective and can even give you a new way of looking at problems.

Take the Time Off and Stay Off

How many of you have taken time off, only to spend way too much of your vacation answering work calls and responding to emails? The answer is, way too many of us. When you’re on vacation, it should be just that, vacation. It isn’t just an opportunity to take our work to a different locale.

Start off by letting your coworkers and management know that you won’t be reachable on vacation. Next, get your projects handled before you leave and let everyone know where the progress stands on the ones that still need to be finished. Lastly, don’t go back on this. If you say you’re not responding to emails, then start responding, you’re going to open the flood gates of responses. Once you respond, everyone is going to stop taking your vacation time seriously.


When it comes to vacation, you deserve to use the benefits your company provides. Vacation is a crucial component to maintaining a balanced between your life in and out of the office. If the place you work at or its culture actively tries to prevent you from taking your hard-earned vacation time, then it’s time for a change. JōbSource can help you make a change. Visit one of our branches or apply online and get your next career started off right!